THE Stourbridge and Halesowen Branch of CAMRA is inviting ale fans to raise a glass for a national day celebrating beer.

Members of the local branch say CAMRA members have been the most enthusiastic supporters of Beer Day Britain since it started in 2015 and they are encouraging anyone who likes a pint or a can of craft ale to take part in a national 'cheers to beer' at 7pm on Tuesday June 15.

A spokesman for the branch said: "With pubs, taprooms, clubs and bars reopening, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and drink beer.

"Beer Day Britain celebrates all beer, including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, craft beers and everything in between, no matter where it is brewed or who owns the brewing company.

"The plan is for beer drinkers around the world to raise a glass and celebrate with a beer, sharing photos of themselves enjoying a pint to accompany their toast. "

He said local CAMRA members will be visiting their favourite pubs on the day which celebrates all beer and Britain's brewing scene and heritage and he added: "More styles of beer first brewed in Britain are now brewed overseas, including India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Porter, Stout, Imperial Russian Stout, Mild, Bitter and Brown Ale.

"Our local breweries, such as Fixed Wheel, Beat, Fownes, Black Country Ales, Green Duck, Craddocks, Pig Iron, Sarah Hughes and Printworks, along with old favourites like Batham’s, Holden’s and the Olde Swan, are at the forefront in brewing these styles of beer.

"Many of our local pubs feature these local beers, as well as national and regional favourites, so there’s every reason to raise a glass of beer at 7pm on Tuesday June 15.