We have moved into Step 4 of the Covid road map and that means nearly all restrictions have ended.

This good news is only possible due to the fantastic vaccine roll out the government has overseen since the new year.

Two thirds of all adults in the UK have now had two doses of effective vaccines against this virus. This is why the Prime Minister wants us to get on with our lives while using our common sense around social distancing, or wearing facemasks in crowded or enclosed places.

I trust the good people of Stourbridge to take responsibility but with infections rising we must continue to get our vaccines – that is the way to make sure we keep our freedoms and the NHS from becoming overwhelmed.

So right now, I am appealing to people aged 20 to 30 to grab a jab. This is the age group where take up has been lower than in other age groups but where a lot of the infections are coming from.

Figures are not available for how many are in hospital who haven’t been vaccinated but I appeared on BBC Politics Midlands on Sunday and a doctor at Birmingham City Hospital was interviewed and said she had admitted six Covid patients that morning and they were younger and not vaccinated or they had come in with other conditions and were coincidentally Covid positive.

Real time data is very clear: those double jabbed are rarely getting seriously ill if they get covid, and rarely end up in hospital. Please get jabbed.

While we have been dealing with the covid health emergency these last 16 months or so, one long standing health emergency linked to Covid deaths has continued.

The obesity epidemic in this country is a huge problem. Being overweight is a major issue for those who have become seriously ill or died from Covid and we need to do more to make the UK healthier because if it’s not Covid then it’s cancer, diabetes and stroke that are the issues.

I spoke in parliament about this earlier this month and said the food industry needs to tackle its use of ultra-processed food otherwise obesity will continue unchecked.

I added it was time for a big shift in how the food industry, society and government looks at this incredibly important issue. We need to have a better diet and wean ourselves off food that is basically killing us.

I am not sure it is all about legislation or taxes, although I believe it has a part to play. It is about education and a changing of attitudes over time to bring about progress.

I am now aiming to campaign against ultra-processed food and I will post regular updates in this column.