DUDLEY South MP Mike Wood has launched a campaign to save green belt land at Kingswinford Triangle and Holbeache Lane which have been earmarked for more than 800 new homes in the draft Black Country Plan.

To coincide with the eight-week long public consultation on the Black Country Plan proposals, Tory MP Mr Wood has teamed up with councillors to launch an online petition against “irreversible damage” that would be done if current proposals were to go ahead.

Mr Wood said: “The Black Country Plan proposes building across green spaces that are so important to our local community.

“Not only would this destroy green belt land – but add unacceptable pressure to our local amenities, such as schools, roads and GPs.

“We do need to build more homes, but there has to be a ‘brownfield first’ development policy. This would rejuvenate unused land, provide the vital homes we need and leave our previous green belt intact.”

Residents can take part in the campaign and make their voices heard by signing the online petition and responding to the consultation which are both accessible through a new website saveourgreenbelt.uk.

As well as being able to sign the petition and respond to the consultation, residents will be able to upload their own video outlining their reasons for opposing the proposals which earmark Kingswinford Triangle for 533 new homes, and land between Holbeache Lane and the Charterfields estate for 330 houses.

The Black Country Plan document itself is more than 700 pages long, so a Dudley summary has also been made available on the campaign website.

Mr Wood said: “We really do need people to sign this petition and take part in the consultation to make sure local people’s voices are heard and irreversible damage isn't done.

“So please sign the petition, respond to the public consultation and join our campaign to save our green belt, for our children and future generations to enjoy.”

Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb has also urged residents to take part in the consultation, which went live on Monday August 16, as the plan has earmarked two greenfield sites in Stourbridge for 205 homes over the next 15 years.

Grazing land at Wollaston Farm has been earmarked for 90 homes, and 115 homes are proposed for land next t Worcester Lane, Pedmore.

Ms Webb said: “Building 205 houses on our green belt will make little real difference to the overall housing need, but would make a real difference to our communities by ripping out green spaces.

“It is vital residents have a say on this draft plan and we do not allow this land to be concreted over for housing estates.”

Suzanne added: “I have campaigned on this for years and my commitment to a brownfield first development policy remains.

“Difficult decisions will always have to be made but there is no point releasing this land for development. It serves little purpose to the greater housing need.

"Taking part in the consultation does need some perseverance but it is worth the effort to make the council aware of local views."

People can visit https://blackcountryplan.dudley.gov.uk/bcp/ for more information.