RESIDENTS in Kinver have been left unnerved after reports an elderly villager has been threatened by a group of people who have staked a claim on his property.

The man, in his 70s, is believed to have lived at a somewhat tumbledown house off The Hyde his entire life but it's alleged he's been threatened with eviction by a group who have ram-raided their way onto the land and set up camp.

Residents say they have alerted police and South Staffordshire Council regarding the unfolding situation but say they have received little help.

One villager, who asked not be named, said: "Police just did not seem interested, they said it was a civil case."

It's understood the elderly gentleman, who is well-known in the village, has been asked to produce the deeds to prove ownership of the property which it's believed he inherited from his parents.

Police were reportedly called at around 4pm on Saturday when the incident first started to unfold and they were again called out at midnight last night (Monday August 23) after a four-wheel drive vehicle was driven through bushes and onto the land where a tent has now been erected.

The resident, who was reluctant to be identified due to fears of possible reprisals, described the situation as "unbelievable" and said: "Nobody got a wink of sleep. We've got got elderly people there that are terrified and they're trying to turf an old man out of his house and police want to do nothing."

Another Kinver resident, who also asked not to be named, said the man has been given an ultimatum to produce the deeds by Wednesday or "family and friends are going to come and overthrow him".

Those staking a claim on the land are said to have made a handshake deal at a horsefair for the property and believed it to be a bonafide agreement.

People living nearby have reportedly been left very worried at how things may play out.

Staffordshire Police and South Staffordshire Council have been contacted for comment.