COUNCIL leisure bosses have insisted it's safe to venture into the water at the Crystal Leisure Centre's following complaints the 25-metre pool has a green tinge to it.

Swimmers have been in touch with the News about the colour of the water which has been described as resembling "pea soup".

But leisure chiefs at Dudley Council have insisted there's nothing to worry about and the pool which re-opened on August 6 after being refurbished "is perfectly safe to swim in".

Swimmer Jackie Crawshaw, who uses the pool up to three times a week, said she has asked staff at the Bell Street centre why the water appears discoloured and "nobody knows why it's green".

She said: "You can't see one end of the pool to the other when you're swimming in it. It's bright green and getting greener by the day.

"If they don't know why it's green - how do they know it's safe? I won't be going in there anymore."

Another pool user, who did not wish to be named, said: "Many regular swimmers are concerned about the colour of the water in the pool. The actual colour is difficult to describe - a dark, dirty green-yellow.

"The colour gives one the impression of swimming in pea soup.

"What has always been a relaxing, uplifting, invigorating activity is now a dark and depressive experience."

"Do we have to put up with this?

"Having swum in various other pools, I have never seen anything but clear water. I think The Crystal has a problem that needs addressing. There are many regular serious Stourbridge swimmers who deserve answers and a pool to match the excellence of that in Dudley."

Leisure chiefs at Dudley Council said they have carried out tests on the water in the pool, which has recently been drained, repaired, cleaned and refilled as part of a major revamp at the centre, and they have sought advice about what they can do about the problem.

Councillor Simon Phipps, the authority's cabinet member responsible for leisure centres, said: “Since our significant refurbishment works, we are aware that the water in the 25-metre pool currently has a green tinge.

"This is simply a reaction between the new tiling and the naturally occurring chemicals in the water. We have tested the water against standard parameters and it is perfectly safe to swim in.

"We are, however, taking advice as to what steps we can take to minimise this colouring, but pool users should rest assured that they can safely swim in the pool.”