PLANS to open a pizza shop in an area of Wordsley besieged by anti-social behaviour have been thrown out.

Developers had hoped to open the new takeaway in an empty former laundrette on the end of a row of shops on Lawnswood Road – a proposal which planning officers had backed.

But worried resident Sarah McDonald told members of Dudley Council’s development control committee they were already having to put up with serious problems such as drug taking and litter in the area.

Agent Aymen Mahgoub, of Spectrum Management & Services Ltd, said they’d previously submitted an application – which was refused – but had worked to address concerns.

He also said the new shop would bring an empty unit back into use and create a number of jobs in the area.

Mrs McDonald said they’d previously objected to a fish and chip shop opening in the parade on the grounds of litter, smell and possible anti-social behaviour while the area was also served by a sandwich shop and pub selling hot food.

She said: “Unfortunately all the fears have come to pass with litter around the shops and surrounding area a disgrace.

“When you have seagulls landing on your drive where someone has dropped a bag of chips is pretty appalling. With pizza boxes, the rubbish is just going to escalate.

“More worrying is the increase of anti-social behaviour where the majority of residences are bungalows and residents are elderly and vulnerable.

There are regular signs of drug dealing and empty nitrous gas cannisters being littered around. Only last week, two police cars were there dealing with an incident. This will only increase.

“A quick Google of my postcode will show you there have been 100 anti-social incidents in the area within the 12 months. This will only escalate.”

Ward councillor Peter Miller, who also spoke out against the plan, said the shop would be opposite a school and was therefore inappropriate.

He added: “This application is awful. It will ruin this part of the area. We should protect the amenities for local residents and this plan fails on that.”

Mr Mahgoub said: “This will bring the shop back to life. It used to be a washeteria. This shop could stay as it is which is not perfect.

“We are creating jobs here. There will be seven or eight at least and the busier the shop gets, more would be created. We are going to offer healthy food options.”

The committee refused the application over concerns of an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.