THE appointments system for the Stourbridge tip has been replaced with a new upgraded platform – allowing people to check availability for the day.

The system, introduced in May last year, has taken well over 170,000 bookings to date at the Household Waste Recycling Centre site, throughout the pandemic.

With the autumn and winter opening times being introduced during October, the system has been replaced with a new one which gives people more features.

It allows them to check online for availability of slots that day, be able to cancel and reschedule bookings, change reservation information such as car details and enable multiple weekday bookings.

Councillor Karen Shakespeare, cabinet member for public realm, said: “This online booking system was introduced in May last year to help us to continue operating during the COVID pandemic whilst allowing people to stay safe by providing social distancing to keep this essential service up and running.

“Residents said they found the booking system extremely useful and when they arrive at the tip they were in and out in minutes as there were no queues like there used to be.

“They also said there were changes they would like to see such as being able to book a same day appointment, easily cancel appointments, and change the registration of the car they were coming in.

“We have now replaced the temporary booking system with this new one which will give far more flexibility for our residents and address the changes they were asking for .

“Of course, we understand that not everyone has access to a computer so they can still book over the phone with Dudley Council Plus.”

To make a booking, go to or ring 0300 555 2345.