A COUNCILLOR for Kingswinford North and Wall Heath has announced the winners for his local hero awards for September.

Stuart Bratt founder of mental health charity, Tough Enough to Care, was nominated by his colleague Dan Browning.

Stuart started Tough Enough to Care in 2019 after loosing two friends to suicide and offers weekly face to face peer support groups in Wall Heath.

Stuart said he was shocked and overwhelmed to receive the award.

“As much as it is my name on this beautiful award, it’s not just me that deserves this,” said Stuart.

“The list of those who support me is endless but to name a few, I’d like to give a heartfelt thanks to: Laura Bratt, Dan Browning, Victoria Bratt, John Taylor, Mark 'Talbot' Swain, Ian Bratt, Roland Green, Ailsa Webber, Ed Pa Rry, Mandy Platts, Brian Platts, Matt Clarke and Darren Garland.

“If I’m a “community hero”, then these people enable me to achieve such an achievement with the amazing support they give me every day of every week.”

Dawley Brook Primary school student Ava Garbett was also presented an award for her help with Kingswinford food bank.

Ava, aged eight, has supported her mother Maya Garbett over each of the school holidays, helping to sort, date and store our food donations.

Maya said: “She was so surprised, amazed and excited... just all the possible great feelings a little girl can experience.

“She said she was "over the world" and her friends were really happy for her. She didn't expect it one bit and is so humbled. It made her day!”

Cllr Saleem said:” There are so many wonderful people out there who work tirelessly to support others, these two amazing individuals are doing some incredible work and it’s so important we recognise this.

“I love the school’s moto, “work hard and be kind”, young Ava has taken this moto head on. On behalf of Kingswinford North and Wall Heath, I thank Stuart and Ava for their contribution in supporting our community.”

Anyone wishing to nominate an individual is asked to email Cllr.shaz.saleem@dudleymbc.org.uk