A BRAVE policeman has bounced back from being seriously injured on duty when he was hit by a suspected drink driver in Dudley Port to help support other victims and tackle crime.

​PC Phil Kingsley suffered a bleed on the brain along with a broken leg and ankle after being ploughed into by a suspected drink driver in Dudley Port in 2015.

He was off work for more than a year following the collision but fought back to carry on his dream job as a cop.

The former engineer who became a policeman aged 35 has been at the forefront of tackling a range of community issues across his Smethwick patch ranging from drugs, prostitution and anti-social behaviour.

This included the eviction of nuisance tenants which had repeatedly blighted a neighbourhood.

​Phil's also shown his investigative skills and caring nature. One example is when he managed to identify the victim and suspect of a violent attack from grainy CCTV.

​Phil offered the woman support so she was comfortable in giving a full account of what had happened and a man was arrested.

​The 53-year-old neighbourhood officer is a regular face in the Smethwick community to help residents in their time of need and assist colleagues.

​He was recognised for his ongoing contribution by recently being named West Midlands Police's Police Officer of the Year.

Stourbridge News:

​The grandfather said: "It was a big shock but also a huge honour.

"I was 35 when I became an officer and like everyone I did it because I wanted to make a difference.

​"It's a great feeling when you can help someone and make a difference to the quality of their life."

​Phil was chair-bound for months and suffered bouts of amnesia after being ploughed into by a driver in 2015. Another colleague and friend was also seriously injured and the driver was jailed after failing to provide a blood sample.

​Phil said: "It was difficult time in my life, there were the physical injuries to recover from but also mentally.

​"I had to rebuild my confidence again but I always wanted to come back and the force were very supportive.

​"I started my police career as a response officer dealing with immediate calls for service but I really enjoy my role as a neighbourhood officer now. I want to continue doing everything I can to keep people safe."