DUDLEY Police have been delivering life-saving bleed kit training to business owners.

Officers from the Brierley Hill team have been helping out with the training, run by the Dudley Partnerships Team and provided by Prometheus Medical.

Sergeant Daniel Fox, from the Dudley Partnerships Team said: “There’s been a real positive community spirit throughout training.

“It’s so important these kits are used correctly and local business owners and managers have been fantastic in getting involved and understanding the need to be trained.

Stourbridge News: Staff from bars and clubs in Dudley get hands on during training, and (right) what’s included in the kit.Staff from bars and clubs in Dudley get hands on during training, and (right) what’s included in the kit.

“Instructions are in the kits and there is a YouTube video you can watch, but in an emergency, you won't have time to read a booklet and there’s no guarantee people will watch the videos. It’s also good to see things practically and ask questions.

“We decided at Dudley that the kits won't be distributed until everyone had been trained by a recognised company.”

The training wrapped up at Brierley Hill Civic Hall, which volunteered use of the venue, while Merry Hill previously provided a conference room for free for the training.

Staff members from bars and clubs in the region got hands on with the kit, testing out how to use tourniquets on each other and wrapping their arms in bandages.

The Daniel Baird Bleed Kits were developed by the Daniel Baird Foundation, following the death of 26-year-old Daniel who was stabbed in Birmingham city centre in 2017.

Dudley is the only neighbourhood unit in the force to provide proper training for all the licensees issued with the kits.

The kits come in a red pack and include life-saving equipment such as tourniquets, trauma dressings and specialist gauzes to prevent blood loss.

There is also a national register that collates where these kits are situated which is held by the ambulance service and can direct a caller to the nearest one.