I CAUGHT Covid earlier this month, probably while in Westminster, and I had a few rough days with flu like symptoms.

There’s a good chance this was only a small inconvenience because I am double jabbed. I am also eligible for the third booster jab and I will be getting it soon.

I would urge everyone to get that third shot in their arm and, if they haven’t had their first or second, it’s never too late.

Those over 40s can book their booster from this week and alongside the flu jab, both will limit the impact of these two viruses on the NHS this winter.

The booster jab also very much does what it says on the tin.

A study from the UK Health Security Agency found that protection against Covid rose to 93.1% following the booster for those initially double jabbed with the AstraZeneca vaccine. Those who received the Pfizer vaccine saw protection increase to 94% via a booster.

There is concerning news from the Continent about a rise in cases and one country - Austria - has even locked down. Here in the UK, we do not have too many restrictions and infection rates, although fairly high, have led to only a fraction of the hospitalisations and deaths we endured before the brilliant vaccine rollout.

Here in Stourbridge, people continue to use their common sense and wear masks and social distance when necessary. This system is working. I also know from speaking to my constituents there is no appetite whatsoever for further lockdowns. We have to live with the virus but we will better live with it if everyone does their bit and gets all the jabs they are offered. We cannot be complacent.

There was very good news last week when the family of Ryan Passey, who was killed in a Stourbridge nightclub in 2017, won a civil case against the man who admitted stabbing him but was acquitted of his murder and manslaughter.

The court in Liverpool agreed with the family's claim that Kobe Murray unlawfully killed Ryan and awarded damages. This is a positive development in the campaign for justice for Ryan and I will continue to do all I can to support them.

West Midlands Police has said it will order an independent review into the original murder investigation. I have written to the chief constable this week asking the force to give details and timeframes. We need to get on with this.