POLICE have thanked a woman who got in touch to raise concerns after an incident at Stourbridge Junction in which an elderly man was allegedly pushed and shouted at.

The woman took to social media to share her concerns after the incident which happened just after 9pm at the railway station on Sunday night (November 28).

She reported being upset at seeing an elderly man being shouted at and pushed by a younger man, thought to have been a relative, and she was so concerned about what she'd seen that she reported the matter to the police.

West Midlands Police have since confirmed they looked into the incident and said the woman "did the right thing" in reporting it.

A spokesman for the force said: "We went to check up on a man after someone called us to tell us that they’d seen him being shouted at and pushed.

"This happened at Stourbridge Junction railway station on Sunday (November 28).

"British Transport Police and our officers spoke to the people involved separately. After finding out exactly what happened and that the man was safe, no further action was taken and there is no active investigation.

"The person who contacted us did the right thing and we’d like to thank them for getting in touch."