EXPERIMENTAL artist Cal and tattoo artist Lee Pound have joined forces to bring festive goodwill and creativity to Stourbridge.

The pair have teamed up to release a colouring book for charity featuring Lee's artwork.

It comes with coloured pencils and is available to buy for as much or as little as people can donate from One Shot Charlies tattoo parlour in Stourbridge and other selected independent stores and galleries.

All money raised will be donated to Black Country Foodbank.

The project was initiated by Cal after he founded and co-funded a similar project last year at the start of the first lockdown when it became apparent there was a demand for affordable art supplies within the community.

Cal, who lives in Norton, said: “I came to the realisation some years ago when buying art supplies for my young son that art supplies don't need to be fancy and expensive and that through my contacts within the arts I could deliver art supplies on a larger scale and help others that may need them.

"I myself got through art supplies at such a rate that my parents couldn’t keep up with me. So eventually everything and anything became a potential way of creating art.”

Cal also approached Andrew Sparke, from APS Publications, who upon hearing of the goodwill and nature of the project agreed to do all the layout and print all the books at cost and personally deliver them.

Lee Pound, owner of One Shot Charlies, said: “When Cal approached me I couldn’t get onboard quick enough. I think its an absolute belter of an idea. I've always thought its important to give a little back to the community that has given me so much and supported me for years.

"This project and others like it are yet another reminder that the arts community in Stourbridge is very much back and active again after what has been a very uncertain and troubling past two years. There will be over 200 books distributed within the community at various independent stores and galleries."

For more information about this project and others visit calsartwork.com