NEW food hygiene ratings have been awarded to seven establishments, including a Wordsley pub and restaurants and cafes in Stourbridge and Lye.

The Food Standards Agency’s website shows that the new ratings are in. 

Pubs, bars and nightclubs:

The Bird In Hand pub on John Street, Wordsley, was rated 4 on December 7.

Restaurants, cafes or canteens:

Pureato on High Street, Stourbridge, was rated 4 on December 2.

Vakas Balti on Windmill Hill, Cradley, was rated 4 on December 7

Breakfast Diner on Stour Vale Road, Lye, was rated 4 on December 2.

Maliks Restaurant on Dudley Road, Lye, was rated 3 on December 2.

Stourbridge News:

Ameena on Hagley Road, Halesowen, was rated 1 on November 10.


Zaks Plaice on High Street, Brierley Hill, was rated 4 on December 1.

A hygiene rating of 1 means "major improvement is necessary."

A 2 star rating means "some improvement is necessary", while 3 star means "hygiene standards are generally satisfactory" and 4 star means "hygiene standards are good."

A 5 star rating means "hygiene standards are very good."