POLICE rescued two seriously ill dogs from a flat in Brierley Hill following concerns they were being neglected.

Neighbourhood officers found the dogs, Susie the German Shepherd and Staffy Marcella, in a poor state at the property before Christmas having followed up on reports of anti-social behaviour and fears for the pets’ welfare.

A vet confirmed Susie had a burst stomach tumour and that she may have died had officers not taken her in for an emergency operation.

PC Steph Harrison, from the Brierley Hill neighbourhood police team, spoke with the owner who was working through some personal issues.

He had three dogs and admitted that while he loved them, he could not cope with all three.

Both Susie and Marcella have been given up by the owner and they’re continuing their recovery with animal charity Raven’s Rescue before new homes can be found.

Stourbridge News: Susie the dog. Photo: West Midlands Police Susie the dog. Photo: West Midlands Police

The Brierley Hill neighbourhood team returned to the man’s flat to check on his emotional state and discuss his rehabilitation.

Police have confirmed he is engaging in some positive changes following their intervention and with the support of Raven's Rescue is properly taking care of the one dog left in his charge.

At Christmas time, members of the Brierley Hill policing team donated money towards a collar, some treats and biscuits for the dog, which helped the man feel supported and less isolated.

Sergeant Ross Treacy, from the Brierley Hill neighbourhood police team, said: “We were hosting one of our police surgeries, where residents can raise issues they would like addressing, when someone urged us to visit the flat over fears for the animals and some anti-social behaviour.

Stourbridge News: Marcella the StaffyMarcella the Staffy “It was clear the owner was struggling to take care of all three dogs, so he signed two of them over to Ravens Rescue.

“Susie was very poorly and the vet said it was touch and go over whether she would survive the surgery, but thankfully she’s pulled through.

“Our officers acted with kindness and sensitivity to find a solution that benefitted everyone – stopping the noise problem with neighbours, ensuring the man receives the support he needs and getting the dogs the care they deserve.

“We’re also incredibly grateful to Ravens Rescue and the support they provided, they are an excellent volunteer-run service who helped save Susie’s life.”

Susie is now on the road to recovery in a foster home. She and Marcella continue to receive veterinary treatment and both will go up for adoption as soon as they are well enough.

The man is engaging fully with Raven's Rescue and taking steps to ensure his one remaining dog is happy and well looked after.