A HAGLEY business has installed electric car chargers to help employees and conserve energy.

With the number of new fully-electric cars on the roads increasing, Concord Environmental Technologies Ltd has installed three electric car charging points outside its premises in Wassell Grove Lane.

The company, which helps other businesses to be more environmentally friendly by installing and maintaining building energy management systems to manage corporate energy efficiently, hopes the move will help the business, and its employees and clients, to do their bit for the environment.

The new chargers were installed at the end of last year and have proved immensely popular.

Director Peter Falahee said: “Some members of our team are choosing greener options when it comes to replacing their cars, so it made sense to invest in the chargers as we know employees will appreciate being able to charge their cars at work.

"From a company perspective, it’s also a responsible thing to do, both from an employee perspective but also from an environmental perspective.

"As a business, we’re very keen to do our bit to decrease pollution and offer energy-saving options, and by installing these car chargers we’re helping our staff, clients and colleagues be able to make the decision to move to an electric vehicle at some point in the future to help preserve the planet.