A FOX, which was wedged under industrial netting in Stourbridge, has been rescued by the RSPCA.

The RSCPA was called to an embankment on Stourbridge railway on March 6 after a resident saw the animal completely wedged under netting.

It is unclear how the fox ended up in the unfortunate predicament but luckily apart from some superficial neck wounds he was unharmed.

After scaling two ladders over a residential property fence and walking down the embankment an RSPCA officer was able to free the poor animal with a pair of bolt cutters.

Stourbridge News: An RSPCA officer managed to free the fox by cutting the netting with bolt cutters.An RSPCA officer managed to free the fox by cutting the netting with bolt cutters.

RSPCA inspector Steve Lee said: “It was only with the guidance of the eagle-eyed local gentleman that I was able to reach the right area, as there was no obvious access point onto the embankment.   

“He was well and truly trapped under steel mesh which had been laid down across a wide area to stop landslides on the embankment. 

“I’m still not sure how he got underneath the mesh, but as the light was fading fast, I had to free him as quickly as possible.  

“Very carefully cutting through the mesh with a pair of bolt cutters, I managed to free the little guy.

“He was in good condition, so I was able to let him go to return to the wild. He shot off like a rocket, no doubt very happy to be getting back to his home territory nearby!”

Mr Lee thanked the resident who has been watching the group of foxes on the embankment for years.

He added: “If it hadn’t been for him, that trapped fox would never have been seen.

“So, I would very much like to thank him for his vigilance, for contacting us and then for helping me access the site.

“If he hadn’t been there, this incident would almost certainly have ended very differently.”