THE National Trust has advised visitors to Kinver Edge to stick to the main paths after a schoolgirl was bitten by a venomous snake during an Easter picnic.

The incident happened over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and saw the schoolgirl, from Birmingham, rushed to hospital to receive anti-venom.

Her father was reported to have tried to suck the poison from the bite wound after the incident at the National Trust owned Kinver Edge on Saturday before taking her to Kidderminster Hospital.

She is understood to have been transferred to Birmingham Children’s Hospital afterwards for treatment with anti-venom serum and is said to be recovering well.

A spokesperson for the National Trust said after the incident: “We were very sorry to discover this incident had happened and have been in contact with the family involved.

‘An incident like this is rare, as adders’ usual behaviour is one of flight rather than attack - they feel the vibrations of an approaching human and usually hide before they can be spotted.

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‘Kinver Edge is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the adder population here is both regionally and nationally significant as they are the fastest declining reptile species in the UK.

“In the lowland heath areas of Kinver Edge, where adders reside, we advise visitors to stay on the main paths to avoid disturbance to the wildlife.”