A NEW product for the heating market launched by Stourbridge firm High Tech Systems has been nominated for the prestigious Engineering Innovator of the Year award.

Hi-Therm, which was launched at Futurebuild 2022 trade show in London in March, has the potential to reduce customers’ energy usage and carbon emissions by 30 per cent.

It has been formulated to combat energy and carbon emissions in the UK’s hydronic heating sector and beyond by substituting commonly used water in radiators.

The patented thermal fluid uses nanotechnology to enhance the thermodynamic properties of water.

It can be installed into any central heating system with minimal disruption and does not require any adaptation of the heating system.

Vince Rice, CEO of High Tech Systems based in Wassell Grove Lane, said: “We believe we have developed a game-changing product.

“We can see the potential applications of the product beyond just the domestic and commercial heating market, but right now we are laser focused on getting our product into the fuel poverty market to assist those who really need it to reduce energy usage and therefore reduce household bills.”

He added: “We have the capabilities to install Hi-Therm into every single home in the UK with a hydronic heating system, which are systems with gas boilers or heat pumps, as a very cost-effective method of reducing both energy usage and carbon emissions.”