BLACK Country playwright David Tristram – creator of comedy queen Doreen – is set to introduce a new satirical character as he celebrates an extraordinary milestone.

London agents Concord Theatricals have announced that David’s stage plays have now been performed more than 10,000 times by amateurs and professionals in the UK and abroad.

Quarry Bank-born writer David said: “It’s an interesting milestone, which can only be achieved if you’re either quite successful or, as in my case, very old.”

In fact, he wrote his first play back in 1985, and now has 29 published comedies to his name, which are regularly performed all over the world.

In celebration of this milestone, David is presenting a series of illustrated talks about his long career in comedy, starting at Katie Fitzgerald’s in Stourbridge, this month.

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The Confessions of a Comedy Writer talk gives the inside story on David’s most famous comedy creations - Black Country comedy queen Doreen Tipton, and the legendary detective Inspector Drake.

But the revelations from the playwright are just the warm-up. In part two of the evening he’ll introduce his latest satirical character - The Angry Professor.

Professor Randolph Swype is played by Wollaston actor Alan Birch, who starred in David’s first ever play in 1985 as Inspector Drake, and the spin-off films.

Alan said: “Swype is a former history professor from Oxford University.

“He was cancelled due to modern sensitivities about his controversial views, and so now he now rants relentlessly at the modern world to claim his revenge, from the comfort of a lectern in a pub.

“Essentially he’s the ultimate grumpy old man. And it’s great to be able to say what everyone else is thinking.”

An Evening With The Playwright and the Professor takes place at Katie’s on June 24 and 25.

The show contains strong language. Tickets are £10.