SINGER-songwriter Ian Passey, who performs at The Humdrum Express, is releasing his difficult seventh studio album this Friday (June 17).

Forward Defensive is the follow-up to 2020’s Ultracrepidarian Soup which features songs about Peter Shilton, trypanophobia, neighbours who’ve built pubs in their gardens, manscaping, third choice goalkeepers and people who talk loudly at gigs.

Ian, possibly best known for bringing Stourbridge to a standstill while filming a zombie-themed video for his E-Petition song, hopes there’s something for everyone in the new collection which was written during the Covid lockdowns.

He said: “Lockdown hit us all in different ways. I didn’t notice it at first but mixing with fewer idiots than usual was hampering my main source of writing inspiration. I eventually took the unusual step of posting a song idea on Twitter.

Stourbridge News: The cover of Forward Defensive - the seventh album from The Humdrum ExpressThe cover of Forward Defensive - the seventh album from The Humdrum Express

“The positive response gave me the encouragement needed and 24-hours later, Denim In The Dugout was finished. Finally back in the groove, 12 more songs came tumbling out to complete the project.”

The full band version of The Humdrum Express, comprising Stourbridge musicians Andrew Boswell, Carl Bayliss, Curtis Fudge and Rich Payne, will perform a special launch gig at Claptrap the Venue, Stourbridge High Street, on Saturday June 18 with Thee Dagger Debs supporting.

The last few tickets for the show are available from the We Got Tickets website (search Humdrum Express).