A STOURBRIDGE mum has shared pictures of the shock moment a snake slithered across her driveway.

She took to Facebook to highlight the unusual sighting which happened in Norfolk Road, Wollaston.

The creature is believed to have been a grass snake, but the mum-of-three shared images of the reptile on Facebook on the off-chance it was a missing, hissing pet.

The woman was shocked to see the creature near her car on the afternoon of Thursday July 7.

It also piqued the curiosity of a local cat which was seen staring intently at the reptile which had likely been enticed out by the warm temperatures.

Unsure what to do, the woman said she contacted the RSPCA and was advised to post a picture on social media in case it was a pet.

She said: “I’m not up to knowledge on snakes so unsure if it's a nature snake.”

People quickly responded, with many saying it looked like a grass snake.

One person commented: “I have them in my garden all the time, grass snakes, bet you nearly had heart attack."

Another said it was a “harmless beautiful female grass snake” and another commenter added: “Grass snake, probably wondered down off the park. Leave him be and he'll find his way home.”

The woman said she was too scared to go out and look to see where it had gone.