A PLAN to site a 50-foot 5G mobile phone mast in the old quarter of Wordsley has been refused.

An application was submitted to Dudley Council planners by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd to install the mast and associated telecommunications equipment on land in Queen Street to improve mobile phone coverage and connectivity for Three UK customers.

More than 50 people, however, objected – citing concerns about the impact the mast would have on the skyline in the old Victorian neighbourhood, the height of the 15-metre mast and how close it would be to people’s homes plus worries the large structure and cabinets would create traffic problems and safety hazards at a congested junction.

In total 56 objections were received including one from ward councillor Kerry Lewis who said the proposed design would not blend into local surroundings and the mast and equipment would narrow the footpath and cause difficulties for people using wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

The telecommunications company said the mast was needed to provide new 5G coverage in the area and to improve 4G coverage and capacity and it said the site selected was deemed the most appropriate.

However, a decision was made on July 15 to refuse the application and a report by a council planning officer stated: “By virtue of its siting and size, the proposal would be in an exposed and prominent position in the street scene and would materially harm the character and appearance of this residential area.

“It is therefore considered that this forms sustainable grounds upon which to recommend refusal of the application.”

Cllr Kerry Lewis said she was pleased for the residents who would have been affected and she added: “The residents of Queen Street didn’t want it. It was going to be unsightly and it wasn’t appropriate for the area.”