NEARLY 100 people have signed a petition objecting to plans to build five new luxury homes on land that once belonged to Wollaston Hall which has become a haven for wildlife.

Solihull based Pineapple Homes has submitted an application for planning permission to build the new family homes with garages on the site at the back of Apley Road and Nash Gardens.

A petition opposing the proposed development has garnered almost 100 signatures from residents who have raised concerns about the loss of habitat for birds, badgers and foxes that would occur if it goes ahead.

People living near the proposed new development which would be named Wollaston Hall Gardens have also expressed fears it would result in a lack of privacy and sunlight for existing homes as well as increasing security concerns.

Carl Southwick, of Apley Road, said: “We are far from happy with the proposed development on the rear of properties in Apley Road and Nash Gardens.

“We are gutted that such a small parcel of land will be changed for a few houses that will do little to address the housing situation in the area but will in fact abolish or displace a lot of natural wildlife that have used this piece of land for hundreds of years.”

Community campaigner Andrew Tromans said: “Under the current plans local residents and wildlife would be impacted to an unreasonable degree. I was alarmed to hear about the possible impact on local badgers, foxes and other critters.”

Wollaston councillor Cat Eccles said she has received many messages and emails expressing “deep concerns” about the plan and she added: “I will do all in my power to ensure those most impacted by the proposed development are heard.”

A design and access statement on Dudley Council’s planning portal says the homes would be accessed via a new private road from Nash Gardens with access to plot five created by reconfiguring the driveway to an existing bungalow on the site.

It says the new access driveway would be created along a former trackway that ran between the old Wollaston Hall and a former mill.

The properties would range from a small three-bedroom home to a substantial five-bedroom home and would be of “moderately contemporary style well suited to the area”.

The planning document adds that each of the homes would include work from home space, ample parking, an “excellent level of garden amenity space”, electric car charging points and an efficient low NOx boiler.

It says the development would include the planting of wildlife-friendly trees and would see bird boxes placed on mature trees and adds that measures would be put in place to ensure the safety of foraging badgers crossing the site.

The document says the proposed development would make use of previously used land and it would help to address the housing shortfall and “relieve pressure on greenbelt development”.

It adds that the development would provide a “positive enhancement to the area” and it concludes: “The proposal is for a high-quality development that works well with the opportunities and challenges presented by the immediate environment.”

To have a say on the proposal search application number P22/0906 on Dudley Council’s planning portal.