A HILARIOUS video of a smartly-dressed comedian welcoming unsuspecting shoppers at Brierley Hill's Poundland has gone viral.

Milo McCabe, who goes under the pseudonym Troy Hawke set up the #GreetersGuild on social media showing him welcoming people to venues such as supermarkets and pubs across the country.

In a video posted on Monday August 1 Milo headed to the Moor Centre Brierley Hill to take his post outside Poundland.

Dressed in his fetching signature long purple jacket with a black belt tie and adopting a posh accent the video shows his interactions with Brierley Hill's down-to-earth shoppers.

The video has now been viewed one million times on twitter and 206,000 times on Tiktok.





Milo had been candidly filming the interactions for his popular Tiktok channel @Troy_Hawke which has over 520k followers.