A HEALTHY three-month-old baby boy died of sudden infant death syndrome, an inquest heard.

Little Logan Taylor was found lifeless on the sofa at his home in High Street, Brierley Hill, where he had fallen asleep with his mum Elizabeth by his side.

The baby had woken for a feed at 1am on November 21 2007, falling asleep at the opposite end of the sofa to his mum, around 2.30am.

When Elizabeth woke at 6.15am she found her baby boy lifeless.

She said: "He was smiling and his normal self before he fell asleep.

"We had been sleeping downstairs because there was a leak in the bedroom, and I didn't want to put him in a damp room.

"He usually slept flat in his bouncer, but that night was the first time he slept on the sofa, and this happens."

Although Logan had rolled into the back of the sofa, pathologist at Birmingham Women's Hospital, Doctor Philip Cox, ruled it out as a cause of death, as there was no evidence of suffocation.

Dr Cox, said: "The young baby had a normal birth, and was developing normally.

"They are sad deaths where little babies die and we don't find a cause."

At the court, held on February 27, Black Country Coroner Robin Balmain, ruled a verdict of sudden infant death syndrome.