AN 82-year-old woman died in hospital after falling over at her Stourbridge home and hitting her head on the coffee table, an inquest heard.

Ivy Treece, of Worcester Street was sitting in a chair in her living room on July 22 2007, when she fell onto the floor.

Her husband Norman, told Dudley Coroners Court, the back of her head was bleeding, so he immediately dialled 999.

Mrs Treece was taken to Russells Hall Hospital, where they "patched her up" and sent her home.

When the couple got home, Mrs Treece went to lie down in bed.

Waking a few hours later, she found she couldn't get out of bed, as she couldn't balance.

Norman called another ambulance and Ivy was taken back to hospital, where she was kept in for a MRI scan.

During her stay in hospital, she suffered another fall, and died on July 28 2007.

Black Country Coroner, Robin Balmain, recorded a verdict of accidental death, on February 27.

He said: "The accident at her home which caused her head injury, led to a chain of events.

"It is very sad, but Mr Treece has been very dignified about this, and I am sorry we couldn't do more for you."