A BRAVE Hagley osteopath is helping to give something back to others after receiving help himself following a horrific car crash.

Nigel Parker aged 39, has recently taken over Worcester Street Osteopaths after training for five years at Oxford Brookes University.

His inspiration to re-train as an osteopath came after he was involved in a car accident in Doctors Lane, Wordsley in 1991, when he was just 21.

It took fire crews and paramedics one and an half hours to cut him free from the mini-van he was driving.

Nigel received serious back, neck injuries and also both his legs were completely smashed, he spent six weeks completely flat on his back.

He said: "The nurses and physiotherapists helped to keep up to your spirits up and keep you motivated.

"You get lots of help from nurses and they do everything they can for you.

"The care they give it what really struck me and moved me to give something back, they gave me something to aim for."

After his accident Nigel worked with a team of physiotherapists who helped him to start walking again using parallel bars and it took him various months to walk just 20 yards.

It was during his years of rehabilitation he decided to become an osteopath and did various massage courses before finally being accepted to study at Oxford Brookes University.

He added: "Although the majority of an Osteopath's work involves relief of back pain, some osteopaths specialise in other areas too.

"My final degree year was spent working with leading researchers training in two areas of special interest."

At his surgery Nigel now specialises in treatment of headaches and arthritic hips.

For more information contact Worcester Street Osteopaths on 01384 443388.