Halesowen Town boss Morell Maison has dismissed speculation the club are in financial trouble.

Fans were left concerned after rumours surfaced on a website claiming the Yeltz had failed to pay some of their bills.

Maison admitted the club does owe cash to some suppliers, but was adamant the club is financially sound and in good shape.

He said: "I do not know where these rumours have come from. We are up to date with most of our bills and while there are a couple of outstanding issues, it is nothing major and they will be paid.

"Running a football club is always a juggling act, we are no different to anyone else in that respect.

"But we are not in any financial trouble, all our staff are paid and all our rents are paid.

"Gates are up, we had record takings last week at the bar, we have had several businesses contact us about sponsorship and things are really starting to take off.

"Every single player has been paid up to date, no players are owed any money."

Maison also asked fans to be patient as they wait to discover the identity of the club's new backers, who have remained a mystery since the club's former board sold their shareholding last October.

Outgoing chairman Nigel Pitt recently revealed he and fellow directors Mark Serrell and Roger Lucas sold their shares - worth a total of £67,500 - to Maison for only £3.

Maison said: "I do own majority of shares but there are a lot of other people involved as well. I am more of a figurehead and my interest is in the football side of things.

"There is a team of people in place to run the club and they run it very well.

"I can understand the frustrations of those who want to know exactly where the funding is coming from, but there are reasons and everything will be revealed in good time.

He added: "I am not leaving, I am happy at Halesowen. We have had a fantastic season and everybody is looking forward to the next one.

"We have done a lot of great stuff and we still have a lot to do."