STOURBRIDGE Football Club might be finding life on the pitch a bit tricky this season - but behind the scenes the goals have been flowing in thick and fast.

The only problem from the football club's point of view is the fact that games have been taking place on a Thursday evening and that all the players involved are only a couple of inches high!

It's time to turn the clock back to a game that no self respecting young football fan would ever be without. Welcome to the world of Subbuteo!

The table top football game is now enjoying something of a revival in Stourbridge thanks to Matt Reynolds and his fellow enthusiasts.

Matt revealed: "I got back into playing Subbuteo during lockdown. I'd watched a video by a chap called Stuart Grant which got me into looking for my old Subbuteo items.

"I've still not found them all. As a result, I've been looking on eBay and charity shops.

"My 11-year-old son had always been intrigued by the little plastic footballers, so I decided to buy a new pitch and build a table to play on.

"As a result, all the visitors to our house last Christmas finished up playing Subbuteo and that started me thinking about former a casual Subbuteo meet.

"I approached Stourbridge Football Club for use of their Glassboys Bar and they were really keen."

The Subbuteo kicked off in February and now meets every month.

Matt and his fellow players are now looking for more enthusiasts to join them.

They've already been approached by the English Subbuteo Association to help build the game in the Midlands.

Fellow Subbuteo player Andy Thomas added: "It's usually training night for Stourbridge Football Club on a Thursday. Once they've finished training, quite a few of the Stourbridge players have come over to take a look, but we haven't got any of them to start playing yet."