STAFF at Dudley Library were lost for words when they discovered Dudley’s very own comedy legend Sir Lenny Henry had dedicated his new children’s book to them.

The comedian actor and author from Dudley, who was enrolled at the library as a young boy by his aunt, kindly dedicated The Book of Legends to the library’s staff – and his Auntie Pearl.

The inscription reads: “To my Auntie Pearl and the staff, past and present, at Dudley Library. Thank you.”

A signed copy of the book has been donated to the library and is further inscribed with the words “To everyone at Dudley Library – you are responsible for all of this!! Big love and thanks.”

Dudley Library manager Sharon Whitehouse said: “We are truly delighted to have had this dedication bestowed upon on us. Introducing children to the wonderful world of literature is our greatest joy. We always hope to make an impact; that we have empowered someone to become an author is simply wonderful. We are justly proud and grateful to Sir Lenny for his kind words.”

The Book of Legends – written for readers aged eight and over – tells the story of Bran and his sister Fran, whose mum is a storyteller at a bookshop. When she goes missing – Bran, who is deaf, and Fran discover her stories are a portal to another world and they embark on an adventurous quest to a magical kingdom where they meet elves, wizards and fairies.

Sir Lenny, a strong campaigner for diversity in the arts and entertainment industries, has also ensured the book features characters from a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities and with different physical appearances and disabilities so children can read about people they can identify with.

Copies of the book can be borrowed from all 13 Dudley libraries.