SAJID JAVID has announced he will not stand again as an MP for Bromsgrove at the next general election.

The former health secretary said his decision had been “accelerated” by the fact MPs have been asked to confirm their intentions for contending the next nationwide poll at an “early stage”.

Mr Javid, who also previously served as Chancellor, said he had “wrestled” with the decision for “some time”, and was “very proud” of his work in Parliament and government.

He said the choice would not mark the end of his Parliamentary activity, particularly for those causes he cares “deeply” about, nor will it impact his current duties as an MP.

In a letter to Paul Uppal, the chair of Bromsgrove Conservative Association, he wrote: “While the election is not required to be held for two more years the Conservative Party has asked MPs to confirm their intentions at this early stage to enable preparations for the campaign, especially in the light of various boundary changes. 

"This has accelerated my decision making. 

"It has been a decision I have wrestled with for some time, but I have ultimately concluded not to stand again for what would be my fifth election.

"I am very proud of what we have achieved for Bromsgrove District and of my work in Parliament and Government. 

"This decision will not mark the end of my Parliamentary activity, particularly for the causes I care deeply about. 

"Nor will it impact my duties as a local MP on behalf of my constituents across Bromsgrove.

"Being the local MP and serving in government has been the privilege of my life and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve.

"I always sought to make decisions in the national interest, and in line with my values, and I can only hope my best was sufficient.

“I will of course continue to support my friend the Prime Minister and the people of Bromsgrove in any way I can.”