PLANS for a bungalow in the garden of a Wall Heath house have been thrown out by planners after objections from neighbours.

The proposal for a detached bungalow in the garden of 1, Victoria Street, has been turned down.

Access to the new home would have been via Maidensbridge Road.

Three letters of objection were received with concerns including it being an "incongruous addition" to the street scene and increased pressure on on-street parking.

One said: "The plan for the new bungalow shows that it will be shoehorned into a small area with very little garden, and with the walls of the building very close to the plot perimeter on three sides.

"This includes the road side of the property, which will be within a few feet of the existing footway.

"An objection is, therefore, raised that the proposal for this bungalow is inconsistent with the surrounding area, and would have a detrimental impact on the prevailing character and appearance of Maidensbridge Road."

Another said: "At peak times Maidensbridge Road is already subject to heavy traffic and cars parked by parents, collecting their children from school.

"Given all of the above, another property in the proximity proposed would create further problems with on-street parking for parents and residents."

Planners refused the application on December 6 stating: "The proposed development would result in an unjustified form of ‘garden grabbing’, which is not an appropriate form of development, as it is uncharacteristic and results in an incongruous addition in the street."

They said it had a "cramped and contrived layout" and there was not enough amenity space for the new home or the existing semi-detached house.