MPs had the honour of seeing in person the world’s most popular leader last week when President Zelensky of Ukraine paid an official visit to the UK.

Many of us went into Westminster Hall on Wednesday to hear an impassioned speech from a man, dressed in his now trademark military fatigues, who is the symbol of his country’s resistance to Russia.

He spoke emotionally and persuasively about the sacrifice of his countrymen and women who are in the frontline trenches in terrible conditions stopping the Russians this winter. He also praised the UK for its continuing support in terms of aid, armaments, ammunition, and places for Ukrainians to live here in peace.

The first anniversary of Putin’s invasion is fast approaching on February 24. Many did not give Ukraine a chance 12 months ago but it is still fighting and still struggling and we are still supporting them towards victory.

This war has led to record energy price rises here at home but this inconvenience is nothing in comparison to what is happening in Ukraine. President Zelensky made it clear he wants more equipment to help defeat the Russians. The Challenger 2 tanks the UK gave last month will be on the battlefield in a matter of weeks as Ukrainian crews are trained how to use them here.

Many experts believe a new Russian offensive will come shortly. As I have said before, we must remain steadfast in support of Ukraine. Putin’s aggression must be defeated. He can stop this war by packing up and going home.

It was a moment to remember seeing the president in Westminster but it will mean little if the UK, the US and its NATO allies do not do all they can to help this brave leader and his brave country defeat aggression. I am sure they will.

We live in uncertain times and it is not just Russia that poses a risk to our way of life and what we hold dear. The Chinese ‘spy balloon’ incident over North America is a stark warning we need to counter China’s power and ambitions if they threaten us.

This is why NATO remains so important and why we have such strong ties with countries like Japan and Australia in the Pacific region. All this may seem a long way from Stourbridge and our day-to-day lives but the consequences of countries getting away with aggression can be devastating. History has painfully taught us this too many times and we must remain on our guard. We often take our western democratic values for granted but they are fragile and always in need of our vigilance and protection from those who do not share them.