DUDLEY Council’s garden waste collections are set to return next week.

The free garden waste collections are set to resume from Monday March 27 and will run until November 3.

To find out when their next scheduled garden waste collections are, people can visit http://mapping.dudley.gov.uk and enter their postcode for confirmation of their next collection date.

Residents are reminded they should use the green bin to dispose of grass cuttings, leaves, plants, weeds, flowers, small branches, twigs, hedge cuttings and spent compost.

The bins should not be used to dispose of other items, including food waste.

If residents have a lot of ongoing garden waste to dispose of, Dudley Council offers additional chargeable green bins. It costs £33.31 as a one-off payment to buy an extra bin and then £42 for the collections. 

Residents also have the opportunity to pay £30 for six extra collections to run from November 2023 until March 2024. 

Councillor Damian Corfield, the council's cabinet member for highways and public realm, said: "With spring upon us and brighter days ahead I’m pleased to see the return of our free garden waste collections, a popular service with our borough residents.

"We collect on average a staggering 22,000 tonnes of garden waste every year, which is taken to a specialist plant and turned into compost. This is a great way to repurpose our garden waste."