POLICE were at Stourbridge Ring Road today as a crash caused congestion.

The accident, believed to be between a lorry and a car, happened at around 1.30pm today (Tuesday April 11) on St John's Road, near Wilko's car park.

Two police cars were at the incident, which happened as rain fell.

A user on the Stourbridge Matters Facebook site said: "Careful on the ring road Costa side.. big crash.

"Lorry into a grey audi... hope they're OK.. take care in the wet..."

Stourbridge News: Police at the scene Police at the scene (Image: Newsquest)

One person responded saying: "I had my car written off on the ring road last Tuesday but the other side coming from Hagley Road.

"It's a nightmare both sides of that ringroad.

"Hope all involved are OK xx"

A spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service said it was not called to the collision.