STOURBRIDGE’S MP has praised a new venture to help mums enjoy a workout without the worry of arranging childcare.

Mum, business boss and pub landlady Lisa Sutherland together with personal trainer Richard McDonald have set up Momma Bear Fitness to give women a way of getting fit in a non-judgemental environment.

Classes run three days a week on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Stourbridge Cricket Club, Amblecote, and Lisa said they’ve already been receiving positive feedback since launching in March.

The idea was sparked, she said, after speaking with mothers who had said they could not attend the gym because they felt intimidated or they couldn’t find childcare.

Lisa, a play group leader and landlady at The Britannia Sports Bar, said: “Becoming a parent can be such a secluding time, where everything changes around you and you’re expected to keep up and change with it all at a pace you didn’t set.”

She said Momma Bear Fitness offers beginner-friendly fitness sessions giving mums chance to have an hour-long workout while she takes care of their little ones.

She said: “It’s much more than just an exercise class, it’s a safe space for mums to come along and workout with absolutely no judgement.

“It’s a community of mums all supporting each other’s individual goals.”

Conservative MP Suzanne Webb visited to watch one of the circuit work classes on Friday (April 21).

She said: “I was really pleased to go along and support this new business that is helping mums get fit and make new friends in a friendly environment.

“I think Lisa and Richard have come up with a great idea and they are filling a gap in the market for new mothers who want to get fit but also need to bring the kids along too.

“I look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength.”