POLICE have arrested a man for rough sleeping in Stourbridge this morning (Sunday, May 7).

He has been detained for “breach of community protection notice due to rough sleeping,” according to officers on Twitter.

Stourbridge Police said they are working with agencies to offer support and are taking a “proactive approach.”

Last month, officers and staff from Dudley Council met for a walkabout in the town centre to offer help to those genuinely homeless and to clear away the piles of items that have been mounting in empty shop doorways over the last few months.

Local councillors have been deluged with complaints from members of the public about the state of the High Street and what’s been described as “aggressive” begging in the town centre.

Neighbourhood policing manager inspector Adam Austin, who led the patrol, said: “We want our town centres to be thriving, welcoming places for locals and visitors alike and we’re working together with the council and other service providers to achieve this.

“We’re doing our bit to make sure those who need help get it while responding to and dealing with any criminal behaviour that is being reported to us.” 

Stourbridge News: Inspector Adam AustinInspector Adam Austin (Image: West Midlands Police)


He added: “But, while we can’t deal with all the problems that arise, there are mechanisms for joint working around them. I chair the local Safer Places meeting with representatives from emergency services, the council and other support groups, and police staff also attend community group meetings. 

“We also need members of the public to get in touch with us and I urge people to report crimes or other issues around anti-social and intimidating behaviour that are concerning them.” 

People can report crime via Live Chat on the West Midlands Police website by calling 101.

Residents can also get in touch with their local police team via email stourbridge@westmidlands.police.uk.