TEMPORARY traffic lights causing disruption on a main Stourbridge road are due to a potential sink hole.

The three-way temporary signals on Norton Road at the junction of Whittington Road have been put in place after a "large void" appeared in the road.

Dudley Council said the "large void within the carriageway presents a significant danger for vehicles to continue to cross on the unsupported carriageway surface."

Council workmen are due to excavate the area on Monday (May 15) and are liaising with Severn Trent to see if there is any water leak, which could have caused it.

Stourbridge News: The hole which has appeared in the road The hole which has appeared in the road (Image: Newsquest)

If there is no water leak the hole will be repaired. 

A spokesman for the council said: "If a water leakage is identified, then Severn Trent Water will be required to attend site as a matter of urgency to rectify the issue before the area can be reinstated and reopened to traffic."

They said disruption is being made worse by motorists going over the lights on red.

A spokesman said: "Signals at this location are being manually operated to help alleviate congestion, however due to the traffic- sensitive and strategic nature of this highway, significant disruption is expected.

"Unfortunately the level of disruption has been contributed to by a large number of vehicles running the red signals, which causes the traffic management setup to hold all phases on red for the duration of the “red time” in order for the running lane to clear (when another vehicle runs a red light, the process start again causing the impression that the signals are stuck on all red)."