SIR Gavin Williamson stopped off to visit an independent floristry shop in Kinver to show support for British floriculture.

The South Staffordshire MP visited Winnie and Olive, one of just a few shops in the country selling exclusively British-grown flowers all year round.

Sir Gavin met with director Vanessa Sweeney to hear about the challenges facing British growers due to increased fuel prices and competition from abroad.

Most florists and supermarkets only stock flowers imported from abroad, despite clear consumer demand for British-grown flowers and their smaller carbon footprint, Vanessa said.

She added: “We wanted to talk to Sir Gavin about how Parliament can support flower farmers, incentivising homegrown blooms and increasing the supply of a product we know people want.

“British flowers carry a carbon footprint that is a tiny fraction of those flown from abroad. We have decided to dedicate our business to being 100 per cent British-grown to show other high street flower shops it's possible.”

Sir Gavin said: “It was a delight to visit Winnie and Olive and I was inspired by their commitment to selling homegrown flowers.

“Our flower industry is facing particularly challenging times right now, so it is crucial that we continue to support farmers by buying British.

“I will continue to advocate for British floriculture in Parliament, and I strongly encourage my constituents to pay Winnie and Olive a visit.”