MORE recycling bins are to be installed across Dudley, starting with borough parks.

There are currently around 70 recycling street bins in the borough, mainly located in town centres and on main roads.

Dudley Council. however, is planning to double that number over the next 12 months and is beginning the roll out in borough parks.

Mary Stevens Park in Norton, Stourbridge, is the first park to receive a set of the new recycling bins, which take plastic bottles, drinks cans and tins in one unit.

Five of the bins are in place along the main drive from the car park to the play area, each labelled advising exactly what can be placed inside.

Priory Park, in Dudley, is the next on the list with other parks across the borough set to benefit over the coming months.

Councillor Damian Corfield, Dudley Council's cabinet member for highways and environmental services, said: "These recycling bins will help us to keep our parks and greens spaces clean and tidy, with the added benefit of being able to recycle the contents.

"These new bins, along with the existing bins and household recycling collections mean we can continue to drive our recycling rates up, benefitting our borough and the planet."

Councillor Dr Rob Clinton, the council's cabinet member for waste management and climate change, added: "Our recycling on the go bins currently capture around 18 tonnes of recyclable material per year.

"Separating recyclable materials out from general waste at the point of disposal means we get a clean recycling stream for reuse, and helps us to lower our carbon footprint.

"Any income we get through the sale of these materials helps to offset our operational costs, which is great news for the taxpayer."