A KINGSWINFORD Scout Group’s bid to revamp its base of more than 60 years has received a boost thanks to a donation of nearly £4,000.

The 2nd Kingswinford Scout Group, based at The Knoll, received £3,720.13 from Chris Soper, a section assistant leader within the group.

The donation will go towards renovations at the group’s headquarters.

The base was built in in the 1950s and refurbished in the 1970s, but now needs further improvements to meet the needs of Scouting for future generations.

To find out more about Scouting contact Ted Batham by emailing Ted.Batham@westmerciascouts.org.uk or dc@dudleydistrict.org.uk or visit dudleydistrict.org.uk or call 0300 365 3001.

Dudley District Commissioner Ted Batham said of the generous donation: “Chris made the donation at exactly the right time because Scouting locally is thriving and needs to provide safe, secure and well-managed buildings to go forward.

“The donation will help with such things as windows, accessible toilets and general upkeep.”