BRIERLEY Hill Market Café owner Tina Round has been presented with an award after helping to save a shopper’s life.

The quick-thinking café owner leapt into action in June when a shopper collapsed near the market after suffering a suspected heart attack.

Rushing to help the lady after being alerted to the situation by the shopper’s son, Tina quickly helped the unconscious customer into the recovery position and cleared her airways while the ambulance made its way to the scene.

An ambulance arrived shortly afterwards and crews provided treatment before conveying the patient to Russells Hall Hospital for further treatment.

To recognise Tina’s heroic actions, Conservative councillors for Brierley Hill ward Adam Davies and Wayne Little have since presented Tina with a ‘Best of Brierley Hill Award’ to mark her inspirational efforts “for stepping up when duty called”.

Tina, who has run the Market Café for just over 12 months but also ran Tina’s Café in the town for seven years before that, said: “What I did that day just came naturally.

"I'm not in any way a professional but did have basic training around 2010 when I worked in care. It's one of the best things you can learn in life as life is so precious – I'm just glad I was in the right place at the right time.”

After presenting Tina with the award at the market, Councillor Adam Davies said: “The quick-thinking and bravery which Tina demonstrated that morning can often make all the difference in situations like this. She helped to save a life which is an incredibly special thing that she more than deserves recognition for.

“Tina is a local hero, an inspiration and we’re so pleased to present her with this Best of Brierley Hill Award.”

Councillor Wayne Little, a retired fireman, said: “What Tina did is a shining example of civilian bravery. Across the 30 years before I retired from the fire service, I regularly saw how that civilian bravery can completely change the outcome of a health emergency. While it might take just five minutes for an ambulance crew to arrive, what happens in that five minutes is vital.

“Tina can be incredibly proud of the way she stepped up in the face of such a difficult situation.”

The woman Tina helped has reportedly been recovering well.

It’s the second time Cllr Davies has given out a ‘Best of Brierley Hill’ award to a town trader who has saved a life.

Butcher Gordon Tranter, of Alan Warwick Butchers, received the very first accolade created in autumn 2021 in his honour after he carried out lifesaving CPR on a female shopper who collapsed in the Moor Centre in June that year.

He noticed the woman fall and, when he realised she'd gone into cardiac arrest, he instinctively started carrying out CPR - despite never having had any training.

His heroics prompted a campaign that has since seen two public-access defibrillators installed in the town with CPR training offered to people in Brierley Hill.