A PUBLIC right of way has been closed at the site of The Crooked House at Himley due to safety concerns.

Staffordshire County Council has taken the decision to close the route in the wake of the demolition of the beloved pub, just days after a severe fire last Saturday (August 5).

Locals and fans of the pub have since been visiting the site to see for themselves the rubble remains of The Crooked House, which was a famous for its wonky appearance caused by subsidence due to 19th century mining, following its destruction by a digger on Monday.

Andy Street, mayor of the West Midlands, urged people to stay away from the site and avoid taking hope items as mementos to preserve the chances of the pub eventually being rebuilt brick by brick, as he has called for.

Meanwhile, the council has decided to close off the public access altogether for now.

A spokesperson for Staffordshire County Council said: “The safety of the general public is our top priority, and due to the unsafe nature of the site at the Crooked House we have temporarily closed a public right of way running through it on safety grounds.

“We are continuing to work with all agencies involved in this issue to ensure the path is opened as soon as it is safe to do so.”

Meanwhile, Dudley North MP Marco Longhi has arranged a public meeting to take place at Himley Hall on Wednesday August 16 to update members of the public on the situation regarding the pub.

The MP said: “I am holding a public meeting, to convey to my constituents what I have done so far and will do in the future.

“I assure my constituents that I will do everything within my capacity to get this fully investigated. I also want to make sure no other heritage pub is treated in this way in the future.”

Anyone interested in attending should email marco.longhi.mp@parliament.uk. Places at the meeting will be limited.