A GORNAL councillor has welcomed support for the campaign to rebuild The Crooked House from historian, writer and broadcaster Professor Carl Chinn.

Councillor Bryn Challenor and campaigners met with Prof Chinn at the site of the former beloved pub, which was famed across the world for being the ‘wonkiest pub in Britain’.

Its destruction by fire and then demolition just over two weeks ago has left locals, pubgoers and history fans distraught – and news of the historic pub’s demise has made headlines across the world.

Even The New York Times has reported on the tragedy.

Prof Chinn is among those horrified at what’s happened to the legendary leaning pub which got its quirky appearance due to subsidence caused by 19th century mining.

He has pledged his support to the campaign to rebuild the iconic pub building which was sold by Marston’s to a private buyer just two weeks before it was destroyed.

And at the weekend, he visited the site himself to meet campaigners.

Cllr Challenor said it was a “privilege” to welcome the local legend to the site and he said: “The involvement of Prof Carl Chinn adds weight to the campaign.”

He added: “The loss of The Crooked House has brought many people together, remembering the times as children they were taken with parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles to wonder at the building and how items mysteriously rolled up hill.

“It’s been and should have always been a local landmark, showing and preserving the history and industry of the Black Country.

“A farmhouse to an ale house, older than Buckingham Palace, survived floods, world wars and the largest earthquake our area has ever recorded.

“The commitment of the action group and publicity, not just nationwide but internationally, is heart-warming for our little village of Gornal.”

He said he and fellow councillors, with support Dudley Council, have now secured tree preservation orders on all the trees on the east and south side of The Crooked House and he added: “Everything I can possibly do to aid the preservation of The Crooked house and the surrounding area, I will do.”