A GLASS engraver has paid his own tribute to The Crooked House in a piece of art which has gone on display at Stourbridge Glass Museum.

Keen local history fan Thomas Southall, an alumni of Ruskin Glass Centre and a glass engraver for 10 years, decided to depict the iconic pub in medium of choice – having had fond visits to the legendary leaning boozer.

The glass artist wanted to commemorate the much-loved pub famed for its wonky appearance, as he and his family would meet up there.

A spokesperson for Stourbridge Glass Museum said: “The piece took around seven hours to complete and Thomas is looking to do more local landmarks in his work as it has been well received.”

The historic pub, at Himley, was destroyed by fire on August 5 then completely demolished on August 7, sparking outrage from people across the world and prompting investigations by police and the local authority.