Looking after wellbeing can sometimes feel like a bit of a balancing act, but the new Yakult Balance is an easy way to support a healthy lifestyle.

Yakult Balance is simply Yakult Light, with a makeover. Featuring a brand-new name and fresh new look, the contents inside the little bottle haven’t changed and still offer the same great taste and benefits you know and love.

Each bottle of Yakult Balance contains billions of friendly L. casei Shirota bacteria, which are proven to reach the gut alive and increase the bacteria in the gut*.

Yakult Balance also contains vitamin D** - which supports immunity and muscle & bone health, as well as vitamin E. Yakult Balance has the same refreshing lemon flavour as Yakult Light, is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Stourbridge News: Yakult BalanceYakult Balance (Image: Yakult)Dr Emily Prpa, Nutritionist and Science Manager at Yakult UK and Ireland comments: "Vitamin D offers many benefits including supporting immunity, muscle, and bone health. In the UK, where sunlight may be insufficient during Autumn and Winter months, dietary sources like Yakult Balance can be a useful part of maintaining your vitamin D levels. It's a convenient option to consider alongside your daily routine to help support your overall health.”

So, for an easy and delicious way to support a balanced lifestyle this Autumn and beyond -choose Yakult Balance. Yakult Balance is available nationwide in all major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury and Ocado.

Yakult Balance comes in both 8-pack and 15-pack. RSP varies between retailers but starts from £3.69.

For further information, please visit www.yakult.co.uk.

*Yakult's bacteria L. casei Shirota, increase both the lactoballi and bifidobacteria in the gut.

** Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system and the maintenance of normal bones and muscle function. Each bottle of Yakult Balance accounts for 15% of the EU reference intake for vitamin D. Enjoy as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle. Recommended consumption: 1 bottle per day.