BREXIT is done, finished, all over. We left following a referendum where the majority of the population said it wanted to leave.

There was a lot of talk, it was divisive, but we left the EU and that’s democracy for you.

We have a trade deal with the EU, we are free to join other trade groups and strike other trade deals. We are free to do things as we see fit without Diktat from Brussels. Parliament is sovereign. No Euro for us, no European army, no European central bank. Ever closer union? We avoided it.

Instead, we have joined the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) - a group of 12 other countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Vietnam. The CPTPP will have a combined GDP of £12 trillion and account for 15 per cent of global GDP.

The EU share of global trade is around 14 per cent and continues to shrink. The CPTTP’s share continues to grow. It is not a regulatory monster like the EU. It is interested in free trade with light touch regulation. What the EU used to be when we joined.

Global Britain is up and running. It will take time, the pandemic didn’t help, but opportunities are being grasped.

So, why would anyone want to take Britain back to square one on Brexit, reopening the arguments and wounds of the past?

Well, under Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour, moves will be made to rewrite the UK’s treaty with the EU. Starmer is an avowed Europhile. His campaign position for years was to stay in the EU at all costs. He wanted a second referendum. There must be real fears he will have us rejoin the single market. That means accepting free movement of people. Three years ago, he promised he wouldn’t seek to rewrite the UK’s new relationship with the EU, but now his latest position is that he will.

We cannot go back. The only way is forward outside the EU, striking trade deals, making our own laws, having our parliament as sovereign. Being a global leader in our support for Ukraine, a major player in NATO – the actual organisation that guarantees our security.

Returning to the divisions of the past is not the future our country needs.

I have received an update from the local police commander last week on my campaign for a much-needed police base in Stourbridge. I was told the base will now also include a response team. This is brilliant news. It is something local people want and it is something that is much needed. The force’s estates team is looking for locations. We need the base up and running as soon as possible.