A GANG of brazen car thieves who bragged about their crimes on TikTok have been jailed.

The group of six, made up of four men and two teenagers, stole 45 vehicles worth over £1 million and broadcasted their actions on TikTok.

The thieves targeted houses across Birmingham, Stourbridge, Solihull, Coventry and Warwickshire, stealing keys to high-value cars like BMWs, Audis and Mercedes, between March 2022 and May 2023

The Birmingham gang filmed their crimes and posted them on social media sites.

When officers from West Midlands Police examined their phones they found recordings of the burglaries being committed, videos of the cars stolen, and internet searches of their registration numbers to get their value.

In one TikTok video, posted on one of the gang’s accounts in February 2023, they can be seen wearing masks and breaking into a property before stealing a Hyundai and then posting a video of hitting speeds over 100 mph.

At a burglary in Kings Norton in October 2022 threatened the homeowner saying they'd stab him if he didn't hand over his car keys, according to police.

Two of the gang, who were only 16-years-old at the time, were arrested in May 2023 after a member of the public reported a car and occupants acting suspiciously on Groveley Lane in Birmingham.

When the car was searched they found pepper spray, balaclavas and another set of car keys belonging to a stolen BMW.

The gang were eventually arrested in June 2023.

They all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary and were sentenced at Birmingham Crown Court on Monday, September 25.

Stourbridge News: Joshua Reid, Cody Morgan, Connor O'Keefe-Clancy and Ryan Allen Joshua Reid, Cody Morgan, Connor O'Keefe-Clancy and Ryan Allen (Image: West Midlands Police)

Joshua Reid, aged 25, was sentenced to four years and six months imprisonment, Cody Morgan, aged 25, was sentenced to three years and four months, Connor O'Keefe-Clancy, aged 19, sentenced to five years, and Ryan Allen, aged 21, was sentenced to four years and three months.

One boy, aged 16 was sentenced to four years and six months, and a second teenager also aged 16 received a two-year Youth Rehabilitation Order and will be tagged for one year receiving an overnight curfew.

Detective Constable Kenny Crawford, from Birmingham's Serious and Organised Crime Team, said: "These six offenders have demonstrated a complete lack of remorse for their actions and even recorded their crimes before uploading them onto TikTok for views.

"Their crimes have had a wide-ranging effect on their victims some of which have described it as devastating not only to their home and family life but also in their everyday life with some of them in fear of leaving their houses even to attend hospital appointments.

"The gang didn't lead lavish lifestyles, with many of them still living with parents. As part of our investigation we recovered a number of the stolen vehicles.

"We hope their sentences bring some closure to the victims and sends a message to criminals across the West Midlands that we will investigate and bring offenders to justice."