STUDENTS have been evacuated from a Stourbridge secondary school after a 'gas leak' shut down its heating and water systems.

Ridgewood High School headteacher Rae Cope has said the issue has affected most of the teaching blocks.

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In a message on the school's Facebook page, Mrs Cope said: "We have evacuated the school this morning because our systems show us we have a gas leak which has shut down all our heating and water systems for most of our teaching blocks. All safety valves have worked effectively.

"In the interests of safety, we need to evacuate the site whilst we wait for an engineer to ensure that all is well for us to return to the building affected tomorrow".

Mrs Cope has also asked parents to message their children to ensure they return home safely. She has also praised students for their for behaving "immaculately."

The headteacher added: "Could you please text your child to tell them that they can make their way safely home.

"We will not release any child unless they have a text from a parent/carer.

"Should you need to collect your child, please come to the Dunsley Road car park at the back of the school.

"If your child does not have a text or if they do not have a phone, we will ring you for permission to dismiss them.

"Please be aware that our main phone line is not accessible. Please ring 01384 818593 or email for any queries.

"We will be in touch later to confirm that all is well to return tomorrow.

"We are very proud of our students, they have behaved immaculately".

Due to the closure, tonight's Year 11 Parents Revision Evening at the school is postponed.